6-Post Multi Layer Hexagon

Hexagonal 6-post multi layer hexagon shade canopy featuring six support posts and one multi-layer cable-tensioned fabric roof-section.


6-Post Multi Layer Hexagon | Shade Canopy

The 6-Post Multi Layer Hexagon is a cable tensioned fabric shade canopy structure with multiple fabric layers, is built to a hexagon configuration, and designed for permanent outdoor use.

Included are several-upper and several-lower cable-tensioned fabric panels. This product is available in sizes from 41′ up to 50′ diameter and can be interconnected on any, or all sides to custom-fit an area, but all sides are required to be equal for any roof-section.

The 6-Multi-Layer Post Hexagon is a premium shade structure solution which provides the flexibility to cost-effectively cover small or large outdoor circular spaces with a minimal number of posts, while providing excellent sun protection, shade protection, and temperature reduction.