2-Post Flat Truss Double Cantilever Hip

Square or rectangular 2-post flat truss double cantilever hip shade structure featuring two support posts and two cable-tensioned fabric roof-sections.


2-Post Flat Truss Double Cantilever Hip | Cantilever Shade Structure

The 2-Post Flat Truss Double Cantilever Hip is a cable tensioned fabric shade structure which can be built to square or rectangular configurations, and is designed for permanent outdoor use.

This product features two back-to-back roof-sections, is available in sizes up to 40’x36′ with a maximum of 20′ cantilever, and can be interconnected in a lineal direction to custom-fit an area.

This cantilever shade structure is required to have a width of no less than half of the length for any roof-section.

The 2-Post Flat-Truss Double Cantilever Hip is an excellent shade structure solution to cost-effectively cover outdoor spaces, and specifically vehicle parking, with a minimal number of posts, and provides excellent sun protection, shade protection, and temperature reduction.