Restaurant Shade Structures

Restaurant Shade StructuresFabric Shade Structures & Canopies For Restaurants, Fast Food Franchises, & Outdoor Cafe Patio’s

At Designs For Shade® we offer a wide selection of restaurant shade structures which are specifically designed to cover restaurant patios, restaurant entrances & walkways, and restaurant parking spaces. Our product-line includes but is not limited to shade canopies, shade sails, multi-layer/multi-panel structures, cantilever structureslarge span structures, permanent single post shade canopy umbrellas, and cabana’s.

These shade structures are available in a variety of fabrics, including pvc, ptfe, and high density polyethylene mesh. There are many fabric color options available, and most are pre-engineered for high winds and permanent outdoor use. Fabric shade structures will enhance and improve the look, architectural feel, and use of any outdoor restaurant space.

Restaurant Patio Shade SailsCovered Restaurant Patios

When it comes to sun or rain protection, there’s no doubt a restaurant patio cover can provide an excellent place for guests to sit when there’s no more indoor seating available. An attractively designed covered restaurant patio will also draw guests to the outside dining area which in turn could increase the use of outdoor space.

Apart from the numerous pre-engineered shade structure and canopy designs we have available, one of the main benefits of fabric shade structures is the variety of fabric and powdercoat color options. This allows us a cost-effective opportunity to create a unique and attractive covered patio solution to tie-in and complement almost any existing color scheme. Secondly, the beauty of fabric is that it can be turned, twisted, and shaped into a unique architectural design which creates a landmark statement.

Restaurant Entrance Shade StructureCovered Entrances & Walkways

For not much more money than a typical awning, and assuming there is sufficient space available, a colorful attractive fabric shade structure at a restaurant entrance, walkway, or waiting area can add significant street visibility to an establishment.

By adding shape, dimension, color, and shade to an area which would otherwise look plain, non-inviting, and unused, guests are drawn to these shaded spaces. A dramatically designed custom shade solution to a simple row of single post pyramids can achieve an awesome result for this purpose.


Restaurant Parking Shade StructuresCovered Guest Parking

If you have dedicated restaurant parking, why not provide for some fabric shade canopies for your guests to park under. The guests will appreciate getting into a cool car after lunch on a hot sunny day. The hidden secret here is that the restaurant property can greatly improve its visual footprint by creating large attractive colorful roof-sections in the air.

We offer a variety of cantilevered structures and large span fabric structures which can be interconnected and are specifically designed for covered parking. Get this through your local design review city building department and you’ve just created a sure way to differentiate yourself from any other restaurants in the area!