Residential Shade Structures

Residential Shade StructuresHigh Quality Fabric Shade Structures For Residential Swimming Pools, Backyards, Driveways, & More!

If you’re looking high quality outdoor fabric shade structures for a private or commercial residential property such as a single family home, condominium, town home, or apartment complex, you’ve come to the right place! Fabric shade structures will enhance and improve the look, architectural feel, and use of any residential outdoor space.

Fabric shade structure are ideal for covering residential patios, backyard swimming pools, poolside & pool deck cabanas, tennis & basketball court shade canopies, covered jacuzzi’s, shaded BBQ areas, covered courtyards, covered parking for guests and residents, residential driveway shade, covered walkways & entrances, and residential playground shade.

Our product-line includes shade canopies, shade sails, multi-layer/multi-panel fabric structures, cantilever shade structureslarge span structures, permanent single post umbrellas, and poolside cabana’s.

Residential Backyard Shade CanopyCovered Patios & Backyards

Transform your hot sunny residential backyard patio into a cool modern looking outdoor shade oasis with one of our beautifully designed fabric shade structures.

From simple square, rectangular, and triangular shade canopy configurations to large custom designs, interconnected fabric shade sails, or one or more single post permanent umbrellas. These structures provide excellent sun shade protection and unbelievable temperature reduction.



esidential Pool Shade CanopyCovered Swimming Pools

Enjoy more time in and around the pool with these excellent shade structure solutions. With spans up to 40’x40′ between posts, our 4-Post Hip shade structure is typically the most cost effective solution to cover the average size residential swimming pool.

For larger pool areas our 4-Post Superspan Hip is available in up to 60’x60′ with four support posts. Both of these products can be interconnected in any direction to cover larger areas. Our 3-Post Triangle Peak is pre-engineered for up to 30′ between posts which is a great solution for covering smaller backyard swimming pools.


Residential Poolside CabanasCovered Pool Decks & Poolside Cabanas

For swimming pool decks and surrounding areas check out our Executive & Presidential poolside cabanas, as well as our cantilever shade structures. The cantilevers are an excellent solution for covering the pool deck areas as well as a portion of the pool.

From our permanent umbrella line, another very cost effective shade solution for swimming pool decks is our Single Post Pyramid. By strategically placing one or more of these products in relation to surrounding buildings and/or structures, as well as taking into account the movement of the sun, one can maximize the shade provided by these structures.


Residential Tennis Court Shade CanopyCovered Tennis Court Seating Areas

Looking for a shade canopy on the side of your tennis court or recreation area? Look no further than the 2-Post Gable Canopy or 2-Post Barrel Canopy.

You can also check out our cost-effective 2-Post Hip which is available in 14’x22′. These three shade canopies are pre-engineerd for high winds and make for an excellent shade canopy solution next to or on any tennis court.



Residential Basketball Court Shade CoverBasketball, Sport Court, & Tennis Court Covers

Need to cover an entire tennis court, basketball court, or sport court?

Our large span structures are available in sizes up to 60’x60′ with liberal entry heights. These superspan structures can also be interconnected to custom-fit larger configurations.




Residential Jacuzzi Shade CanopyCovered Jacuzzi Spaces

How about that jacuzzi? It’s hot already so why not cool it down with a 4-Post Wave shade canopy or a Single Post Pyramid cover. Also be sure to check out our cantilevered Single Post Solana umbrella canopy.

Sometimes a smaller backyard shade canopy is a better solution than a large structure which can potentially dominate an area. These types of smaller canopies can complement a smaller residential backyard and designate the jacuzzi area really well.



Residential BBQ Island Shade CanopyCovered BBQ Island Seating

Who says you can’t cover the seating area of that barbeque island? As long as the island is large enough so that the canopy is off-set, high enough, and away from the grill area so as not to cause any direct heat, a covered bbq island seating area is a great way to make use of the space on a hot sunny day. This type of shade application will really reinforce the dedicated use of the bbq or outdoor kitchen space, and can really make a backyard look great!

Check out our single post permanent umbrellas which includes and be sure to check out the Single Post Aurora which has high and low point connections. The high point connections can be strategically placed so as to reduce direct/indirect heat from the grill area.


Residential Parking Shade Structures & CanopiesCovered Parking & Residential Driveways

We offer several covered parking solutions for residential driveways, condominium or apartment parking lots, or entire roof-top parking structures. Our fabric shade structures and canopies are designed to be free-standing as stand-alone products, or interconnected for large or custom configurations. An added benefit is that our structures are also pre-engineered to meet most local building code requirements which reduces design time and expense.

The wide variety of designs and many fabric and frame-finish color options will create a finished solution which looks impressive and extremely functional! The commercial grade porous high density polyethylene mesh fabrics which we use also provide excellent hail and sun protection, not to mention that the temperature inside vehicles can be greatly reduced on a hot sunny day.

Check out our cantilever structures and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require a custom covered parking quote.

Residential Playground Shade StructureCovered Residential Playgrounds

Keep those kids safe, cool, and having fun in the shade with a playground cover which looks awesome and isn’t going to fail in a wind storm! A residential playground canopy will typically require no less than four posts with enough space between the posts and fall zones of the play structure.

Keep in-mind that the sun moves during the course of the day which causes the shade benefit to be minimized in the early morning and late afternoon, so be sure to get a large enough canopy (i.e. larger than the equipment underneath) so as to maximize the shaded area. Start by checking out our shade canopies and perhaps our multi layer & multi panel shade structures. These structures are an excellent solution for a covered residential playground.