Hotel Shade Structures

Fabric Shade Structures & Canopies For Hotels, Motels, & Resorts

Hotel Shade Structures

If you’re looking high quality outdoor fabric shade structures for a hotel, motel, or resort you’ve come to the right place! At Designs For Shade® we offer a wide selection of fabric shade structures which are specifically designed for covered hotel entrances, resort swimming pools and swimming pool decks, hotel & motel walkways, restaurant patios, recreation areas, waiting areas, kiosks, and covered hotel guest and employee parking areas.

Our wide selection of shade systems include shade canopies, shade sails, multi layer & multi panel fabric structures, cantilevered structures, large span structures, permanent single post shade canopy umbrellas, and poolside cabana’s.

These structures are available in a variety of styles & sizes with fabric options including pvc, ptfe, and high density polyethylene mesh. We offer many fabric color options, and most of these structures are pre-engineered for high winds and are designed for permanent outdoor use. Fabric shade structures will enhance and improve the look, architectural feel, and use of any outdoor space at a hotel, motel, or resort.

Covered Swimming Pools And Pool Decks

Hotel Pool Shade Canopies

Keep it cool by the pool by providing hotel guests & employees with a conducive sun shaded environment to stay longer and enjoy the outdoors more.

These structures & canopies are capable of spanning large distances between posts making for covering an entire hotel swimming pool a no brainer. Most of these shade structures can be interconnected to fit custom spaces so as to reduce the number of posts required while maximizing the shade.

Check out our 3-post triangle peak, 3 or 4-point shade sails, cantilever structures, and our Executive & Presidential poolside cabana’s.

Covered Restaurant Patios & Outdoor Cafes

Restaurant Patio Hotel Shade Structures

Architectural shade sails and multi-layer or multi-panel fabric canopies are ideal for covering large outdoor restaurant patio areas.

For smaller, irregular or custom shaped patios you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our wide range of pre-engineered single post permanent umbrella canopies ranging in sizes from 10’x10′ up to 20’x20′.




Covered Parking Lots For Hotel Guests & Employees

Covered Parking Hotel Shade Structures

Fabric shade structures can greatly reduce the temperature inside vehicles on a hot day while also protecting hotel guests, employees, and vehicles from the harmful effects of the sun.

Our wide selection of pre-engineered cantilever structures and large span superspan structures are specifically designed to be interconnected for covering large parking lots or entire hotel roof-top garages.




Covered Entrances, Walkways, & Waiting Areas

Walkway Shade Sails

Fabric shade structures at entrances, walkways, and waiting areas can really improve the visual impact, use, and possibly revenue of any hotel, motel, or resort property. By adding shape, dimension, color, and shade to areas which would otherwise look plain, non-inviting, and unused, guests are drawn to these shaded spaces.

These areas can potentially be monetized by setting up kiosks and signage in strategic locations or along entire shaded walkways. An architecturally designed shade structure at a hotel entrance can  also greatly improve the street visibility and curb appeal. This not only differentiates the property from others, but also makes for a good first impression to arriving guests which can only enhance the customer experience.



Covered Tennis Courts, Sport Courts, & Recreation Areas

Hotel Tennis Court Shade Canopy

Provide hotel guests a cool shaded area to rest while playing tennis or enjoying an outdoor hotel or resort amenity.

Check out our 2-Post Gable Canopy, 2-Post Barrel Canopy and Large Span Structures for tennis courts, or Visit Shop for all products.