Assisted Living Shade Structures

Assisted Living Shade StructuresFabric Shade Structures & Canopies For Assisted Living Communities

If you’re looking for high quality outdoor fabric shade structures for an assisted living or long term care community, you’ve come to the right place! Fabric shade structures can enhance and improve the look, feel, and functionality of any outdoor space.

At Designs For Shade® we offer a wide selection of pre-engineered shade structures including shade canopies, fabric shade sails, multi-layer/multi-panel structures, cantilever structures, poolside or courtyard cabana’s, large span structures, and permanent umbrellas.

Designs For ShadeFabric shade structures are bright, colorful, modern looking, and built to last. Our colorful and attractive products are ideal for covering outdoor patios, swimming pools, building entrances, walkways, parking lots, and outdoor dining patio spaces.

In addition to the modern look of these structures, they are also designed and engineered to withstand high winds, and can typically meet most local building code requirements. If you have an upcoming shade structure project at an assisted living community, look no further than Designs For Shade®. We look forward to working with you!